Biometric Identification System for a Mining Company

Biometric Identification System for a Mining Company

Type of Service or Solution: Engineering infrastructure

Industry: Manufacturing

Customer: Mining company

Year: 2016

City: Moscow

Project objective: Improve reliability of access control and management system.

Six Broadway 3D turnstiles by Artec Group Inc. installed in the customers office can immediately perform biometric identity recognition. A person only needs to stare at the device for the system to accurately identify him/her by finding a perfect match in a database. The system operates in two modes: identification and verification. First, the system reads a pass card and then compares visitors face image with corresponding reference model in the database. If no match is found then the system alerts the security service.

Key Customer Benefits:
  • Ease to use
  • Personal data protection
  • Time saving
  • Protection against loss, theft and transfer of access cards
  • Employee time sheet management

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